I’m sitting here almost at a loss of words, which literally never happens to me. I may stutter, talk so fast that I spit on people, I been known to mispronounce things from time to time…. but I ALWAYS have all the words.

Let’s start with facts…

I have been green-lighted, signed my official contract, began production, all the things for a tv show centered around my life and home renovation on a major home and decorating television network. I can’t tell you the network, but it’s the one that you’re probably thinking about right now.


Just kidding, this is no big deal. I’m not freaking out, you’re freaking out…

*leaves desk to scream in a pillow*

I hate to be vague but I can’t give any major details just yet. I will be able to spill all the tea once we are closer to air time in a few months, but for now I am just happy to be able to share ANY news with you! This has been in the works since April 2018, y’all. Mike tried to blow my cover a few times on IG stories but I have been pretty lip locked about it, which was crazy hard considering that I put a ton of my life on the internet and this was one of the most exciting things I’ve been up to.

While all of this could go away at any given second (I do have a contract and show slotted but the network can always pull the plug at any time) I wanted to open up and let y’all in on this journey rather than keep it a secret out of fear of “failure”. If this show takes off and has an killer first season, AWESOME, if for some reason it ends, that’s fine too. I believe that everything does happen for a reason and everything has already been planned out for me anyways, I’m just along for the ride 😉 I am just ready for y’all to be a part of it and watch the process from the very beginning. I can’t WAIT to do this with y’all! And of course I’m excited to give you behind the scenes footage. I’ll be pushing the limits on making that possible, don’t you worry.

This crazy internet journey all started in a Cracker Barrel in Burleson, Texas. I was a stay at home crying to my Mom about feeling like I had lost a little bit of myself while raising two small kids with a husband who was in a Master’s program on the weekends. I needed an outlet.

Enter blog. Enter home renovation. Enter Instagram.

Enter tv show.

I say it all the time and I mean it every time – your support throughout the years has meant more to me than you’ll ever know. Honestly, it’s been life changing for me and my family.

Let’s do this!

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  1. This is so exciting!!! I cannot wait to tune in and will definitely DVR when I can’t and binge watch on the weekends! I admire you so much because I have a small home probably the size of your bathroom (lol) Just kidding but it’s not much bigger and a 7 & 10 year old and I cannot fathom how you do all that you do!!! I am struggling, I could never raise 3 small kiddos, have my own blog, coffee shop, home school, etc… and now a TV show to top it all off….WOW!! I have NEVER followed anyone on social media but I stumbled upon you somehow on Instagram and I don’t feel like my day is complete if I haven’t had my rambling redhead update! I cannot imagine your TV show NOT being a huge hit!! Best of luck on this new journey.

  2. This is so exciting. I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to tune in. You and your family are one of my favorites on Instagram.

  3. Congratulations! I am so happy for you Jenn. You deserve to be on a TV show. You make me laugh everyday and I hope you are successful with your show. I can’t wait to see you on TV. I believe I am as excited as you are!

    • This is not going to fail. You’re the only human I actually look forward to watching on IG stories. I will watch guinea pigs munching on carrots and jumping over twigs over EVERYONE else.

  4. This is the best news!! You are so naturally talented in so many ways and SO incredibly entertaining. I love laughing along with you every day. Can’t wait to see your show. You make life better by sharing what’s real. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Omgosh this is so awesome!! I am so happy for you!!!
    I cant wait to watch! It is going to be perfection!! You and Mike are so dang funny!! And your style and how you design is on point!! So this will be so good!!

    • Good luck, I just love watching you. My boys are grown, but I sure remember the struggles. Every time I talk about your blog, my husband tells me. “I have my own ramblingredhead, one is enough “. From one redhead to another, I wish you all the best!!!

  6. Hey Jenn. very exciting about your show! You have a beautiful family, and I know i’ll be watching! But I’ve emailed you 4 times and dm’s you and haven’t gotten a reply? What’s your email again. It’s some sweet mother advice needed!!!

  7. Congratulations Jenn, this is really wonderful for you and your beautiful whanau (Maori for family) and I so hope we get to see all your hilarious amazingness here in Auckland New Zealand ??!xx

  8. Honestly, there’s is no one more suitable for a tv show than you! You and your family’s humour is always something I can count on to brighten up my day! I can’t wait to watch you show!

  9. I could not be more excited for you! I’m so freaking excited! I will watch every episode, more than once, I promise! Congratulations Jenn!

  10. Congratulations!! That is so amazing and well deserved! I have only just started following you and I am already a huge fan! Best of luck to you and all you do!!

  11. This is sooooo awesome Jen!!! I think I guessed it— yeah, I am pretty sure you’re going to be on BRAVO—- riiiight?!? I guessed it huh!!! You’re gonna be Real Housewives of…. right? Right?!? ????. Can’t wait til you can spill the beans. How exciting — looking forward to watching!

    • Congratulations Jenn! What an amazing journey, you will do great- no doubt about that! Everytime I watch your IG stories I think to myself “ this lady should have her own TV show”. ?????? So excited for you!

  12. This is going to be AWESOME! I can’t WAIT for all the fun…and it will definitely be fun…?

  13. I’m sooo happy for you and your family!!! Congrats!!! Big question,, Will Enrique be a cast member???‍♀️?

  14. Un-frikken believable!!! Congratulations! Soooo deserving-it’ll be huge!
    Soooooo happy for all of you❤️❤️❤️

  15. I’m so happy for you!! ????
    I am also glad that you will still be on Instagram, as I don’t have regular television and most likely will not be able to view your show.

  16. Every day I tell my hubby, “I gotta watch Jennifer and see what she’s up to today…She should have a t.v. show” Prayers answered ?? Congratulations and we’ll all be watching. So excited for you.

  17. My 30 year old daughter told me one day about you and how I would love your stories even though I don’t have any small children anymore. She mentioned your”Good Morning ” shout-out everyday that she starts her day with. I started following you about 7 months ago and have to admit you are my guilty pleasure because I sit way to long with you ?
    Cannot wait for your ? show! Clearly God is blessing your family and enjoy seeing what He is doing!!!!!

  18. Oh my goodness!!!! This is the greatest news. I’ll start watching TV again to laugh and learn with all of you. Congratulations!!!!

  19. I’m so excited for you and your awesome family. From one redhead to another enjoy every step every day, because we know everything can change in a breath. Enjoy! Because we sure will.

  20. I heard about you on Instagram and love you and your family. Love all the adventures with your kids…love seeing a happy marriage on the internet too… the love abounds! God bless! More Christians doing their thing so the whe world can see. Loving it!

  21. What an exciting time for you!! Wishing you all the best and can’t wait to be on this journey with you! ??❣❣

  22. About Time! So freakin excited for you and your family! I’ve been here since your very first live on fb… gotta fan! We love you girl

  23. I’m so excited! Probably more excited than I have been for any show to air on tv before. I homeschool too. It can be hazard just doing that and incorporating all the daily errands around school time. I love everything you include in your blog. Soooooo much information. I don’t know where you find the time. Yes I do…. moms don’t sleep. You have super powers, for sure… and are super efficient. I love how you share tips and deals. Wait, let me say that again… I LOVE how you share tips and deals!!! I’ve never stuck with a blog this long before, but…. Hello, hello, helloooooo! Yours is amaze-balls!!!! Keep it up, and I CANNOT wait for the TV show too!!

  24. This is so incredibly exciting! You are BY FAR my favorite blogger i follow on instagram & I will absolutely be keeping an eye for details for your show and to show support for you!! good luck to you and your family!

  25. I am so very happy for you. I look forward to your blog AND Now your new tv show. You have the cutest kids and always talk about interesting stuff. You seem real and down to earth unlike some other bloggers. Congratulations.!

  26. This is beyond exciting!! Can not wait to set my Dvr and watch. You are so inspiring in all you do but I admire you most watching you with your family and how funny and goofy you all can be and just have fun! I am a stay at homeschool mom of 3 girls and with 2 of them being teens my days stay pretty serious more times than not. But I cant wait to see your life continue to be blessed and you blessing us with all you share the future has to be super bright!! ???❤❤❤❤??????

  27. So excited. You’ll do great… i cut cable so I won’t get the live show on that big network that we can’t talk about… but I can watch re-runs.. you bring a smile everyday on stories and those kids!!! Congrats!

  28. Sometimes we stumble upon someone that unknowingly and unintentionally is clearing the dark clouds from our rainy skies. You are my rainbow Jen ! I don’t think anyone else on Instagram is more deserving than you and your family for this opportunity. You are genuine. Just keep on being Y O U ! That beautiful gift and that beautiful hair !!! Best of Luck to you all ! You’re going to be amazing.

  29. CONGRATULATIONS! This is so awesome and I can hardly wait to see you on the boob tube (wait, does anyone say that anymore or am I showing my age via keyboard?) You and Mike are one funny duo and the kiddos are just icing on the cake, especially Von! Whatever it is, it’s going to be entertaining for sure. ?

  30. So excited for yall!! Ive been watchin since lil Von picked his nose making Christmas cookies for the neighbors! Keep it real, be you, cannot wait to watch!!

  31. So excited for yall!! Ive been watchin since lil Von picked his nose making Christmas cookies for the neighbors! Keep it real, be you, cannot wait to watch!!

  32. I am so excited about this for you. You are my daily entertainment. Just need cameras in your house 24/7 !!…sorry. lol
    All I can say is I better be able to watch this from the UK otherwise I will not be happy . Good luck to you and your family x

  33. So exiting!!!! If it is HGTV I will be happy! Things have not been the same for me since Ship and Joanna Gaines left the network, Ship is as funny and as redhead as you ?

  34. I was a young mom many years ago in Burleson, Tx. raising our 2 girls! Good luck on your show! I’ll be watching ?

  35. I am soooooo Jazzed about this… I cannot wait… My cheap-a$$ hubby will not let us get cable, but we do have the ##TV app on our tv’s and watch it ALL. THE. TIME. I cannot say how much I am looking forward to this… I love you and your family so much you make me laugh EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I need that… you have no idea… I laugh because I can so relate…. Like today’s Vacation Poop — every day — 1/2 hr minimum, that guy! Amazing…. my legs would not function if I sat there that long… anyway… love you — you are amazing — and you just keep doing what you’re doing and being you.

  36. Jenn this is HUGE!! Congratulations!! I’m thinking HGTV(wink wink) I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you?

  37. Oh my goodness. Oh Vivi, your so darn cute. Von and Berkeley are getting so big. Now more followers are sure to come. I am glad I found you and your family. Always great content. You always have all the things. Good luck. ?

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