Rambling Redhead’s Top Posts of 2016 And Super Exciting News For 2017!


We made it to another year, which is something that is definitely worth celebrating! Thank you so much for following my journey through motherhood in the year of 2016. I consider it a short year due to my five-month hiatus from my blog (June-Oct) while we renovated our home and I focused on writing material for my book, but I hope to never be gone that long from you ever again. It was too long. It was the darkest part of 2016, to say the least.

Even though I didn’t pump out my normal bi-weekly blog posts in 2016, there were still some great moments that I did happen to capture. I started going live a lot more often this past holiday week simply because going live is easy and fun! I plan to start going live on my Life as a Rambling Redhead Facebook Page weekly on Wednesday nights at 9 pm central time, and we shall call it “WHINESDAY“. Make sure you are following my blog page on Facebook so you don’t miss me talking about the most random things you have ever heard.

You may be asking yourself, why Whinesday…? Because of my book! My book which will be released in April is called “Whine. 50 Perfect Wines To Pair With Your Child’s Rotten Behavior”, and it’s going to look fabulous in your hands, I just know it. Once I have the pre-order link I will post it along with more exciting details about this very sarcastic, fun book.

So without further ado, my top seven posts of 2016. (Top- meaning that they are good… so you should read them. All of them.)

  1. Cheers! To The Kitchen Renovation That Almost Killed Us In Every Way Possible.

This one was my welcome back post after being gone for what seemed like seven years. It contains many before and after pictures of our recent renovation!

2. 12 Really Unproductive Things To Do During Naptime Instead of Doing Housework.

This article is for the women who need ideas for things to do while their children sleep or just need validation that swatting flies for thirty minutes or laying on a yoga mat while scrolling on social media instead of doing yoga is completely acceptable.

3. Finding An Identity Beyond Motherhood. We Are More Than Just “Mom”.

An article for every mom who feels like she has lost a little (or large) part of herself after birthing children. The struggle is real!

4. 6 Ways Marriage Drastically Changes After Having Children.

From small arguments about the stupidest things you can think of, to a whole new standard of “sexy”, there is just so much truth packed into this small article.

5. 6 Truths About Raising A “Loud” Child.

I have two loud children…deciding what deserves a “SHHH!” and what is something that should be ignored and deemed part of their personality is my daily riddle. A constant mind puzzle. #sendhelp#sendwine

6. 17 Pointless Things I Did With My Free Time Prior To Having Children.

I mean, if you can’t relate to at least 10 of these pointless activities, did you really even live before reproducing?

And now, my most read and shared article of 2016 was….

7. 13 Things No One Tells You About Being A Stay At Home Mom. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.

My most popular post of 2016 was a SERIOUS ARTICLE! Whaaaaat?! And here I was, thinking y’all just like funny stuff! So cool that this one was shared 60 thousand times just on Facebook alone. So so cool! Thanks for those who read and shared!

Most of these articles were republished on multiple sites and would not have been possible without all of you continuing to support my work by liking and sharing these posts! You really don’t know how much it means to me when I see you all sharing my articles with others! It’s what keeps me doing what I do!

Thank you for being here another year with me, and welcome to all of those who have recently found me. I can’t wait to recognize more of you Mamas through your comments and interaction in my live videos!

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*crying tears of overwhelming joy. 

Love you all! Keep doing the good work that is parenting. It’s a war out there. CHEERS!



-Until the next time this Redhead Rambles.

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