12 Really Unproductive Things To Do During Naptime Instead Of Doing Housework.

It’s naptime.

Sweet, sweet, glorious naptime. And even better – both kids are sleeping at the same time. That’s real talent, right there. I got both kids, one three-year-old and the other, a one-year-old, both sleeping at the exact same time.

If you don’t have multiple kids, then you don’t understand how impressive this really is…. anyways, just know, I’m good.

So as my angel beasts drifted off to wherever sleeping toddlers go, I sat down. I actually SAT.

Now, I know most of you stay at home moms are thinking, what is sat? What is this word you speak of? We don’t sit, at least I don’t… EVER. It could have something to do with the fact that my husband works from home, so I’m not going to lay around all day in his presence, but I think most of it is because I have two toddlers. They don’t let me sit. The minute I attempt to sit, all hell breaks loose. One usually starts crying, and you moms of multiples know that when one cries, they all freakout.

So naturally, I avoid sitting at all cost.

But today was different. Instead of completing  household chores or packing boxes for our upcoming move, I went rogue and I sat for a bit.

I also took care of some other important business:

  1. I put a laundry basket of clean clothes (that I intended on folding) on my bed, turned on the tv, laid back, and used the laundry basket as a foot rest.* Side note- I didn’t fold those clothes until four days later when Mike claimed that he had no clean underwear. He’s high maintenance like that.
  2. I plucked my eyebrows. I got too carried away and I plucked a little too much eyebrow off of the right side of my face, which was unfortunate. So now it looks like I have some kind of weird facial hair condition.
  3. I clipped my toenails… slowly. Then I filed them into the perfect rounded square shape (something I never take the time to do unless I am avoiding a task, like a household chore).
  4. I checked Facebook. I checked Facebook for thirty-eight minutes… the feed never ends.
  5. I laid on the floor on my back to prepare for a workout. I was about to start a set of weighted crunches but decided to check Facebook one more time. (see #4.)
  6. I got out all of the supplies to make myself a real lunch (a sandwich that wasn’t peanut butter and jelly) but decided to put it all back and ate half a box of Cheez-Its instead. They were not the reduced fat kind and they were truly delightful.
  7. I started to sort through a large stack of mail (hey, productive!) and stumbled across a catalog for what appeared to be crappy outdoor home decor. I flipped through the catalog for forty-five minutes and ended up buying two things from their website.
  8. I went into my bathroom with every intention of showering, but instead I realized that I have way too many half used lotion bottles. I wanted to sort through them and throw away the bottles that I hadn’t used in a while. After sniffing two dozen lotions and applying seven of them onto my body as testers, I kept all of the lotions. And I didn’t shower.
  9. I popped a zit and it was rewarding as always. When I destroy a pimple, I am in an excellent mood for at least fifteen minutes.
  10. I went to the attic to get some boxes so I could continue packing and I came across a box of old high school pictures After reminiscing for thirty minutes, I brought the moving boxes downstairs into my kitchen.
  11. While in my kitchen, I got distracted by some flies and went on an intense fly-killing spree. I killed flies for twelve minutes. I’d post up patiently and wait until they landed so I could get the perfect swat. If fly-killing was a sport, I’d be an olympian.
  12. I realized that I was tired from vicious fly swatting and being up with my two-year-old the night before (nightmares), so I decided to lay down and take a fifteen minute nap. As soon as I laid down and closed my eyes, I heard my youngest singing at the top of her lungs.

           … and I’m up.

And that is how to successfully kill the only free time you will get for the entire day.

I don’t get many days where I have uninterrupted free time, but when I do, I sure know how to blow it.

Productivity is not on my to-do list on these days.

(you know you’ve had days like this…)

-Until the next time this redhead rambles.

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    • They really do! Most days 🙂 I’m just not always getting them to nap at the same time! That’s a real treat

  1. Mastering the skill of having two kids napping at the same time should always be rewarded. I usually do facebook for 20 minutes and nap for the rest. Self-beauty maintenance and housework always come second to napping for me!! <3

  2. IF I could get all 3 of mine sleeping at the same time I had a rule – NO productive work should be done. Reward work only. Sometimes that was reading a book or magazine, sometimes that was painting my nails or calling a friend- on a bad day it was taking a nap. I LOVED my job as a SAHM and it had few tangible benefits so nap time was my benefit package! It was also my sanity package and my kids 23, 20 and 16 will told me today they had no idea that I needed a break when they had “rest time”. “Wait – that was for you?!” Yes my darling children and also so I didn’t turn into Tasmanian Devil Mommy!

  3. I’d nap too. I’d walk around the house contemplating the length of time that pot has been soaking, (probably long enough to breed mosquitos) and then curl up in my beautiful, soft, kid free bed. 🙂

  4. I love this! I’m a working mom (as we all are!) but we’re trying to carve out some extra time this summer to be home more with the kids and am sure I’ll be employing some items from this list in the next couple of weeks 🙂

    • Thanks so much Kelly! Yes, you should definitely implement some of these activities into your daily routine…. very productive LOL! Have a great summer!!

  5. that is impressive unproductiveness.

    however, i would not get back up if my child woke of from their nap early and was singing. nope! most of the time, my youngest will sing, talk and sometime whine/yell a little and then put herself back to sleep. its almost like a snooze button. i know when this happens i only have 45 min to an hour left.

  6. Ok, I really am having fun reading your articles! It’s almost midnight, and you just reminded me that I need to pluck my eyebrows! I think I might read a little more and do it tomorrow!

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