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Who is this Redhead?


I’m Jenn! I’m fairly loud and I’m blunt (only when necessary, which is basically all the time). Sometimes I may even come off harsh or crude; I am very aware of this. However, I never mean to offend.

I’m a stay at home mom to two beautiful blue-eyed, super blonde babies. They both are extremely loud and have an insane amount of personality running through their veins. Thank God for this, they supply me with endless blog material and constant laughter. I am also a stay at home wife to an awesome, stud of a man with dark brown hair. Thank goodness he’s a trooper and participates in things with me, like YouTube videos, even though it may jeopardize his corporate career.

A little bit about my writing style: I have a Master’s Degree in Sarcasm. I am a fan of dry humor and satire. Making fun of myself brings me joy. Being a parent is SO stressful, I have to be able to make fun of the crazy situations my kids put me in so I don’t end up checking myself into a psychiatric hospital.

I like to write about motherhood in a slightly different way, attempting to bring humor out of all situations. It’s my own weird therapy, and it relaxes me after a long day. My articles tend to not be sugarcoated in all things sweet. I am just doing what I know how to do…. keepin’ it real. When I write, it’s passed 9 pm, so cut me some slack. I am surprised I can even form sentences at the end of my day, I’ve got kids stealing my brain cells, and a husband who demands to be fed and entertained. Reading funny articles that make me laugh go such a long way for me, so I only can hope that my blog can do that for someone else. Of course, I will throw a few serious articles in the mix, gotta keep you on your toes.

I wrote a book! It will hit stores this Spring! (April 2017) Make sure you are following my Life as a Rambling Redhead Facebook page to stay updated!

I am a Christian woman who likes to become PG-13 after 8:30 pm. From time to time I like to use what I call “minor-league curse words” just to remind myself that I do have an adult vocabulary that does go beyond the words poo-poo, pee-pee, boo-boo, foodies, and no-no.

I loathe bras and only wear one to feel more like a woman.

I like to avoid running at all costs.

I gave birth to a child without pain medication… on accident. I don’t recommend it, but now I have bragging rights for all eternity.

I call my children “Terrorists”. However, I do love them unconditionally.

I love wine. It makes me smart and sophisticated. Because people who drink wine are fancy. Duh. If you too love wine, read THIS.

Poop. If talk of poop offends you, prepare to be offended. I am a mom to two kids under the age of three. Poop happens. I am also married to a man who often enjoys giving me the low-down on his morning bowel movements. I don’t want to know the details, but for some reason, he likes to share on occasion. Poop is all around me, so naturally, it finds its way into my blog posts.

I made this blog for myself and as a way to reach out to other moms (parents) worldwide. I started only a few months ago, so if you are new here and wanting some new material to read, I don’t have too many posts. Grab some wine and dive on into the Archives of Rambles and catch up!

I also have a YouTube Channel. Go check out my comedy videos!

My passions are my faith, being a mother (the best mother I can be), my family and home decorating. Ask me what my passions were in 2010 and fashion would have definitely been on top of the list.  I think that fell off the “passion list” back in 2013 after I birthed my first child, put on my first pair of spandex pants and have refused to take them off ever since. I actually have a Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising, which is hysterical (because I only wear spandex, as previously stated). I hope to look good again someday, but until then I prefer to look like a drugged out homeless broad in workout attire, dress my kids super cute, and attempt to keep my house looking fab. If I’ve got on a bra and mascara, then I’m clearly trying to impress you, or it’s just a great day!

I think that does it.

Who am I? I’m just a Rambling Redhead.

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  1. Your post on wine pairings has been shared among my friends and acquaintances in Brussels, Belgium – think it might be going viral! So definitely a lot more people are reading your blog than just your mom. Feed us more tasty posts!

    • Thanks so much Christina! I mean, why take life TOO seriously, right? 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff & comment!

    • Thanks so much Emma! So glad you take the time to read my rambles and can relate! I bet those two boys keep you VERY busy and VERY active haha Nice to “meet you”- internet style 😉

  2. Just discovered your site yesterday. I am much older but can very much relate…had 3 sons within 4 years…starting at age 32…any wonder why I am a wine lover now? Actually did LOL when reading your blogs about wine pairing with children’s crappy behavior…all of my boys are in their 20s now but it still relates! Keep up the great work!!!

    • Thanks so much Debbie and nice to meet you! So glad that you found me and that you can relate even though we are in different stages of motherhood! That means a lot to me! I quickly found out after publishing the wine pairings article that most mothers love wine… WHO KNEW?! haha

  3. Omg!!! I’m so glad I came across your blog my cousin shared on Facebook…your hilarious, and I can 100% relate to just about EVERYTHING you describe yourself as and likes.

    • Hi, Phibi! I’m so glad that you found me as well! I love getting to know mommies with the same outlook on motherhood! You should like my Life as a Rambling Redhead Facebook page so you can get all the good stuff 😉 Nice to “meet” you!!

  4. I am not sure how I am just finding your blog but I absolutely LOVE IT! I have blogs that I like but none that speak straight to my heart right down to the writing about poop and terrorists. SO, thank-you for being awesome! See you at Target!

    • Hello, Laura! I’m glad you found me! I haven’t been in existence for too long, so that’s probably why you haven’t heard of me before LOL Thanks for reading and for the kind words! It made my night! (And calling our kids terrorist is completely acceptable ;))

  5. Welcome to the ‘hood Jenn! Your family is going to fit in VERY well here! Can’t wait to meet in person. We also like wine (a lot); have crazy kiddos and dislike wearing bras (sorry if that’s tmi). See u across the back fence (we installed a gate years ago for prev owners easy access looks like we’ll keep it open!)

  6. Hello Jenni, I finally had a moment from Ubering in the DFW area to view your Blog! It was great driving you home and visiting with you. I truly enjoyed your blog and seeing your family! keep up the great work! I have grandkids now and I miss the days of having little feet running around the house. I do spend Tuesday night having dinner with my daughters family. Enjoy every sec of every moment with your kids, they grow up fast! Uber Jay

  7. I just saw your site on a friend’s post–so awesome. I too am a mom, author (A Rare Copy) and redhead. And Christian! Aaaaaany chance you live in Portland, OR?? 🙂

    (PS–I hope you are able to vet these posts before they go up! If not, apologies, sista!) 😉

  8. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it. You are beautiful and talented. I also am a redhead straight shooter who dislikes bras with a passion. 😀

  9. I just stumbled upon this blog through IG as #onetofollow. I am dying reading your stories. I wish you were around when my kids were little, but prepared for amazing conversations when they are teenagers. I still stay home even though they are all in school. I tried working a few times but they just need me to be there and I’m ok with that. I did struggle in the beginning with the identity crisis. I remember yelling at my husband, “before I was a wife, mother, daughter in law, I was ANGEL! I have a name and she likes to do things sometimes with her friends or go somewhere alone.” A dad does not babysit his own children (my husband never said that but his brother did and it drove me nuts). Shew sorry about that rant. Anyway your stories are hilarious. My daughter has eaten horse poop 💩, a bloody tick (gag I almost vomited 🤢), and licked an ashtray outside of Applebee’s! Oh and on Christmas Eve she ate a Christmas bulb. Can’t wait to read your book 📚

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