Healthy Lunchbox Ideas For Kids! What’s Packin’ Series (Week 2)


I actually stuck to a series, y’all. What is happening?! Episode two of my new lunchbox series, What’s Packin’, is now live on YouTube! This week was a little rough compared to the previous week due to the fact that I was hit with some sort of horrible stomach bug that landed me in an urgent care ER on Wednesday night. The highlight of that whole experience was when I finally barfed up my guts into one of the Emergency room trashcans. SO FUN.

Today I will be at Von’s school all morning helping out with his little classroom Thanksgiving feast and I am praying that no nasty virus follows us home! We need a break!

Hope y’all are staying healthy! Tis the season to get every freaking bug under the sun!

Wash your hands, ya filthy animal.

I hope that some of these ideas in this video will be useful to you! The feedback on the last episode was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your lunchbox success stories with me, they truly make my day! 🙂 Have a fabulous weekend!

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