HUGE Not-So-Typical Kindergarten Homeschool Haul! All From Amazon!

Well, I finally did it.

I made a video over the most requested topic of the summer, a video showing all the educational workbooks, toys, and games I use to homeschool my four-year-old son (it’s still so weird to say homeschool out loud). I had so many people ask me on my live broadcasts to make a YouTube video about this as well as countless messages to my inbox asking for recommendations.

So here it is! Our MASSIVE homeschool curriculum! (all of the products mentioned in this video are listed in this post below)

Fair Warning: Berkley is all up in this video with talk of “booty”.

I look horrible. Mike gently informed me of this after I had spent three days editing it. There was just no going back.

Even if you are not homeschooling, there are so many great educational games and toys in this video that would make awesome birthday or Christmas presents! I have products in this video that could be played with by a preschooler as well as a third grader, this stuff is not specific to just one grade level.

Do you guys already have any of these toys? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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Brain Quest Workbook:

Interactive Workbook Science:

Star Wars Math Workbook:

Tracing Letters Workbook:

Tracing Numbers Workbook:

DK Geography Workbook:

DK Math Workbook:

Geography Workbook Grade 3-6:

Science and Space Workbook:

The Travel Book:

BOB Books:

Dr. Suess Big Book of Beginner Books:


Professor Noggins Countries Game:

Professor Noggins Human Anatomy Game:

Eboo Natural Science Cards:

GeoCards World:

GeoCards United States:

GeoCards Europe:

GeoPuzzle Europe:

GeoPuzzle World:

GeoPuzzle Africa:

GeoPuzzle North America:

GeoPuzzle Bundle of 6:

Melissa and Doug Human Body Floor Puzzle:

Gathering a Garden Board Game:

Race To The Treasure Board Game:

Sight Words Bingo:

Pattern Blocks Game:


Telly The Timeclock:

Dry-Erase Board Letter Practice:

Math Educational Keyboard:

Place Value Flip-board:

Math Snap-Blocks:

Didax Letter Cubes:

Didax Blends Letter Cubes:

Dab and Dot Markers:

Dry Erase Pockets:

Handwriting Finger Grips:

My First Pencils:

Happy shopping and learning!

Pin For Later!AWESOME homeschool curriculum and educational games all from Amazon! Funny!

Have a GREAT weekend, Y’all! Thanks for being here, supporting me and my family, and watching my life take crazy twists and turns.

(I never thought I’d homeschool… so this is what crazy looks like to me).

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  1. Can’t watch it now, I’m at work, but thanking you in advance for sharing your ideas with us, as i’m sure i’ll find inspiration for Christmas, st Nicholas (in Belgium we celebrate this on Dec. 6th) and my girl’s birthday, which is coming soon as well).

  2. Serious goals. I’m still a year or so away from curriculum based learning, but I’m anticipating this child will be gifted since she gives me a run for ALL OF MY MONEY. Anywhobers, this is major inspiration because I just don’t know that I can stick her in a school and watch her do low level mindless worksheets. Learning can be fun!

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