But Seriously, Where’s The Redhead Emoji…?

Last Wednesday I took my ranting to Facebook because that’s what Americans do.

If we are ticked about something or want to scream, “LIFE’S NOT FAIR” from the rooftops, we just post on social media because:

  1. It’s much safer than screaming on a rooftop like a lunatic. I’ve got young children, I can’t be breaking bones or going into a coma due to head trauma.
  2. It reaches a larger audience. I mean, I can yell really loud, but even at my loudest volume while screaming on my rooftop I’d probably only have two neighbors hear my rant if I’m lucky. On Facebook, my distant cousins will see my rant as well as the people I graduated high school with who couldn’t care less about what I have to say. They all can see my face on Facebook.

Lucky them.

So here are my thoughts on why redheads need a freaking emoji just like the rest of the population.

Originally posted on my Life as a Rambling Redhead Facebook Page on 1-18/2017

So there ya have it.

Do it Apple. Do it tomorrow.

Apparently, there is an article going around that redhead emojis are coming soon. It was published two days after my video. I love that all of my loyal readers/watchers think that this is in result of my video, but I am thinking that it was just really great timing 😉

However! It states that the redhead emoji will not be available until 2018 at the earliest.



And I’m really not trying to be high maintenance here, I’m really not, but we are redheads, not Sunkist soda colored heads. You can’t sit here and tell me that these emojis aren’t as bright as orange skittles.

(and we don’t all have orange eyebrows and most have freckles… ok, I’ll stop.)

redhead emoji faces

…. I may just need to make another video, people.

I’m just really glad that I get to write about such important matters like emojis and Redhead equality.


– Until the next time this Redhead rambles rants.

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