6 Truths About Raising A “Loud” Child.

You’ve seen me before.

I’m the mom sitting in the restaurant with the two loud children. My toddler is singing his most recent made up song (not in an inside voice), and my 12-month-old is shrieking for who knows what reason. I am anxiously waiting for their father to show up with the food. He stands in line and orders while I sit and keep the baby beasts quiet. Or at least, I attempt to. We’ve got the routine down.

My kids are loud, which comes as no surprise to me considering the fact that both my husband and I are not quiet people. Granted, we don’t go around yelling in restaurants or grocery stores, but I think we would be considered “expressive” by most of our friends. So naturally, our children have followed suit.

Lucky us.

Being the mother of loud children is no easy job and at times can be downright embarrassing. So before you go throwing evil eyes to the woman with the “obnoxious child” at Chick-fil-a, please try to see it from my perspective… Because sometimes, I am that woman.

  1. A loud child is not just loud when he’s mad, he’s loud when he’s happy, too.

When you have a loud child, it isn’t something that can be turned off with a switch. It isn’t something that happens with certain emotions, they are loud ALL of the time. Happy, mad, scared, excited… all emotions are expressive. So though you may see that child’s volume as a sign of acting out or a temper tantrum, that is not always the case. If you present my child with a new toy car, if something tastes bad, or if something funny happens, chances are very high that he will react…LOUDLY. He is this way from the moment he opens his eyes at 6 am, till he closes them around 8 pm, there are no quiet breaks (not even when watching cartoons in the morning… having a child that watches cartoons quietly sounds like a dream.)

  1. Just because a child is loud in the way he communicates does not mean he is rude, or a brat.

My two-year-old has got the please and thank yous down. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that my kid was polite, I’d be a wealthy woman. Just because he’s expressive and can come off as “wild” doesn’t mean he can’t be respectful. He may just yell “TANK YOU!” loudly in your face, rather than be the kid that tucks behind their Mama’s legs and doesn’t answer when spoken to.

  1. Just because a child is loud doesn’t mean that he isn’t disciplined.

I won’t go into how we choose to discipline because that is not what this article is about, but trust me when I say that I truly believe that disciplining and teaching your children that there are consequences for their behavior is crucial to their development. My child does have rules and is very used to structure. However, this doesn’t change how he is genetically made. No amount of discipline can change someone’s true personality, and I would never want it to!

  1. Having a loud child is really fun, but honestly, can be extremely embarrassing.

Like, the kind of embarrassing that makes you feel like your body is full of hot lava and you start sweating on your back. The most recent scenario was at Target a couple days ago. My 2.5-year-old saw the big red concrete balls that are outside of Target. He got excited and wanted to play with them. Our conversation went down like this cartoon:

loud child cartoon

This wasn’t a temper tantrum. He wasn’t crying or flailing about. His eyes were wide open and he was chanting in the deepest voice he could muster, I want big balls. I want big balls. Not mad, just excited.

It was just louder than I would have liked it to be. At this point, I was flashing my fake smile to strangers all while trying to distract my toddler from repeating his new chant that he was becoming quite fond of. This is one of those times that make a funny story, but in the moment you can’t help but think to yourself. “for all that is good, please shut your miniature mouth, immediately.”

  1. Just because a child tends to be loud does not make him insensitive.

I can’t stress this one enough. My toddler has a very outgoing personality, but he is also very sensitive. If he sees another child cry, he stares at the bawling kid, points at them, and then starts crying himself. “HE’S SAD!”, he’ll tell me in between sobs, referring to the other crying child. Just because my child yells made up chants about big balls throughout Target, does not mean that he isn’t paying attention to other’s emotions.

  1. Loud kids can be the sweetest kids.

You’ve seen how big their reactions are to everyday situations, now just think of how their reactions are when it comes to someone they love. When I walk into the house after leaving the kids with a babysitter (usually Grandma), my toddler has been known to scream at the top of his lungs, “MOMMMMMYYY! EEEEEEE!” while my 12-month-old bursts into tears upon hearing my voice. It’s loud, it’s chaotic, but it’s true love and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Being the parent of a loud child is fun, entertaining, tiring, and at times uncomfortable.

To my fellow mothers of loud and expressive children, constantly working on “inside voices” and shhhhing songs about big balls throughout Target, I feel you.

The next time you see that frazzled mother, the one with a face that screams, “I just want SILENCE“, please consider throwing her a smile, she probably needs it more than you know.

-Until the next time this Redhead rambles.

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  1. Apparently “loud” doesnt fall far from the tree daughter!! Expressive and passion are what you want…just be prepared at times.

  2. We’re all loud too. With pride. Thing is with loud, looks don’t quiet us down. In fact, it triggers us. To cheer you up. Both my kids are huggers too. Random strangers get hugged almost on a daily basis. You’re a different kind of miserable if you see us dancing and singing in the aisles (or worse) and not join in with at least a smile. You become our target. We leave love. And challenge you to dig for gold instead of trying to make us fit into your normal box. We believe in balance which is why we respect your quiet in return. Yin and yang. Ta-da! x

  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for writing this!! I have an incredibly sweet, affectionate and good LOUD little boy and I feel like he gets a ‘bad rap’ because he is incapable of an inside voice. I’ll be sharing this everywhere, I could not love it more.

  4. Loud kids really can be the sweetest kids. I feel like my loud toddler is always judged by that moment and being a bit shy and insecure myself puts me in an awkward position when we’re in public so I need to work on remembering number 2.

  5. Thank you! I have 4 “Loud” boys. I am always feeling like I am being looked at for being a bad mom. Sometimes they just don’t know how to contain their excitement. <3 your article.

    • Thanks so much, Gretchen! FOUR boys?! I can’t even imagine the volume level at your house! hahaha! I do love kids with personalities, definitely makes life more fun 😉 I must ask, how did you stumble across my blog? All of the sudden I have hundreds of people on this article and I am so curious as to who shared it so I can thank them! 🙂

  6. I have loud kids …..my whole house is loud. Wouldn’t want it any other way. My kids know they can express themselves and what they have to say is just as important as any adult talking. Saddens me to see people still wanting the children are to be seen and not heard.

    • Agreed completely, Deanna!I love kiddos with big personalities! Glad you can relate! Random question for you… how did you find this article?! I’m just curious because all of the sudden I had hundreds of people on this post! I am wondering who shared it so I can thank them!! 🙂

      • Jennifer, I noticed your question to a few others on where they saw this. A friend of mine shared this link from Happy Hooligans on Facebook.

      • AH! Thanks Leah! It’s been driving me nuts! Thanks so much, I’ll go thank her! 🙂 I am so glad you were able to relate! Redheads are pretty much the best people ever…. but I may be bias 😉 Both of my babies came out blonde! Like, WHITE blonde lol I really thought I’d get a redhead!

  7. This speaks to me in so many ways. Our 3 and 5 year olds are the loudest children I have ever met. Ironically, they are both redheads 🙂

  8. We have 3 boys, and they have their particular times when they are loud – sad, mad and glad. My “loudly glad” boy is the loudest of them! Interestingly enough, he is also the one who is most aware of other people, so your 5th point rings true here! Our daughter doesn’t seem to be as loud, though she does need to vocalize to be heard above her brothers sometimes! 🙂

    (Found your blog through ‘Hip Homeschooling’ on FB.

  9. I have 5 loud kids, and they definitely get it from me. My husband’s large family is very quiet and reserved, and our family is definitely the odd one! My 12 year old is the loudest, has been since he was a baby. He is also just the sweetest most sensitive kid. Just be warned, school can be hard for loud kids. My loudest son has always been very well behaved at school, but when he gets home it’s like he just has to finally let it all out! Every day he walks in the door and just yells “what’s up mom!!!” at top volume. There are times I think my ears are bleeding by the end of the day, but he needs that outlet after having to be quiet all day. I love my loud family though and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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