If I Kept A Diary, This Would Be Today’s Entry. Just A Glimpse Into My Chaos.

Dear hypothetical diary,

I must start off by saying that I’m looking forward to getting all of my frustrations out on paper in a very private way. This just feels so secretive… as if no one will see my thoughts.

A lot has changed since I wrote in your pages back in the 6th grade. I should probably upgrade diaries considering the fact that this one is covered in dusty pink fuzz and contains entries I can no longer relate to. The last entry I wrote was about how I truly thought that I could pass as Ginger Spice from the Spice Girls. We looked so much alike since I was twelve and not British.

I know that you’ve been watching me as you lay on my bedside table. You’ve seen what’s been going on, hoping that I would make note of the chaos in your blank, lined pages. So here I am, here to make note.

Let’s start at two weeks ago when Mike came to me and asked if I wanted to go look at a house that was for sale. (Mike is my husband, diary. He’s kind of old and great.)

He asks me this question often since he is always skimming through homes for sale as we lay in bed at night. I have ALWAYS said no, until this time.

This time when he asked me I jumped at the opportunity. I hadn’t left the house in three days and I just wanted out. I would have done anything, I just needed to be outside of my home.

“YES.” I replied.

“Let’s see this house!” And off we went.

Two days later, I was still thinking about this house.


I had fallen in love.

Fast forward to this week- we’ve made an offer on the lovely house, and we are getting pictures taken of our current home tomorrow. Pictures that we will use when we list our home.

This is all so crazy.

Why? WHY is this crazy you ask, diary?

Because we just spent a year of our lives building the house we are living in less than two years ago.

The craziest part- the new house is older than I am. We are potentially moving from a brand new house into a home that is in need of some work. It’s in need of some TLC (meaning paint, new fixtures, new lighting, new carpet, and all new showers).

I think Mike and I have become mentally ill, and that’s putting it lightly.

Apparently, dealing with a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old isn’t enough chaos for us at the moment. Also, I’m a mom-blogger now, which is some serious business and takes up all of my free time. If I’m not well-rested and not able to produce ridiculous parenting lists/posts, then my blog just may blow up. Which would be, dare I say, tragic (for me anyways).  

So today…. Today was particularly hard.

The kids. Why can’t they just play with their toys? I should add- why can’t they play with their toys the way the toys should be played with. 

The minute I try to clear away the pile of random crap that has been cluttering up my laundry room for the past four months, Von tries to make a racetrack out of his sister’s face. Sister cries, because big toy cars to the face don’t feel good, and the pile just ends up looking worse than it did before.

Unloading the dishwasher is impossible to do with two kids under the age of three. They both are so obsessed with said dishwasher that they will literally sit in front of it and watch me unload it until one of them can’t hold back any longer and hurls their entire body into it.

Then I raise my voice at them, which never feels amazing. So there the dishes sit, taunting me.

Cleaning a bathroom is also damn-near impossible. They want to be in the toilet (1-year-old) or running the bath water (2-year-old). Both are problematic when I’m just trying to clean a mirror. Both can be very messy.

I turn my back to switch over a load of laundry and come back to my closet to find that all of my clothes that were hanging from the bottom bar are now on the floor.

At this point, since both children are now mobile but still can’t be left alone unsupervised, I feel like I have baby twins.

So how the heck do I do this diary? How do I get an entire house sell-ready when cleaning one room means that another is being destroyed beyond belief by the two baby terrorists?

In fact, how do I get anything done with two toddlers?

I’ll be back tomorrow, and I’m going to need answers.

Consult me, diary.

On a positive note, we did go to Target, and we only had one fight over who was going to hold the pork tenderloin.


That’s a win in my book.

– Until the next time this Redhead rambles in a hypothetical diary. 

This felt good. I might do this again soon.

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11 Comments on If I Kept A Diary, This Would Be Today’s Entry. Just A Glimpse Into My Chaos.

  1. Loved reading this, I can so relate to it. I have three children, my oldest is in school and I stay home with my 2 year old twins! It’s crazy and I can hardly do anything around the house. Everytime my hubby tells me if I want to go out, even if it’s to do groceries, I jump faster than a rabbit because I need fresh air. Good luck with the new house, hopefully you guys get it!

    • Hello, Ros! Twins sound CRAZY! Bless you, Mama! My husband asked me if I wanted him to go get milk the other evening because we were out and I was like “NO! I’LL GO!” hahaha don’t you dare go get that milk and expect to live 😉 So, I know what you mean. Thanks so much! It’s looking like we have got the house, still in final negotiations on closing dates etc. It’s been a long process!

  2. Please blog on the fixer upper house you bought. We built our house and after a few years I got itchy for another project, I prayed for a fixer upper, we got one. Not a house, but a dental practice…..I should be more specific in my prayers, because updating dental equipment is not nearly as gratifying as shiplap.

    • Hi Julia! I’ sure I will do a post in renovating! It will be my life for a few weeks, so I don’t know how I couldn’t write about it LOL My grandpa was a dentist before he retired and I never thought his office would be fun to remodel…. so I get where you are coming from haha 😉

  3. The nicest thing I can say is- yes- you have officially lost your mind! We’ve been looking at houses for 4 years because- you know- we are busting out of this one. But I CANNOT PULL THE TRIGGER because all I can think about it how I’ve had a half painted wall for over a week and I don’t remember the last time I folded a load of laundry. If I tried to pack a box right now I’d probably just crawl in it and tape myself inside because it would be a disaster! And keeping a house show ready never even crossed my
    Mind. No thank you- I will just stay out.

    • Kate- I have lost my mind and I hate the thought of starting to pack. Someone told me to let Von unpack the unbreakables because toddlers can take things out of the box faster than anyone! HA! I seriously am going to let him unpack boxes. FUN TIMES. I’ll let you know how it goes…..

  4. Haha! Won’t it be amazing to read this when they are going off to college? Enjoy the time and congrats on the new house!! 🙂

    • I try my best to keep all of my posts clean so I can print them in a book and give them to my kids as gifts when they have their first child…. WELCOME TO PARENTING! bahaha! Thanks so much! I’m so not ready to pack >:(

  5. So exciting! I just found your blog and, OF COURSE, love your writing. Funny and unassuming, so likable. Since all your family tales [I have two, too] are so entertaining already, I can hardly wait to read what renovating an older house might bring. So for that very selfish reason, go forth and buy that old house 😀

    • Hello, Christine! You’re too sweet! Thanks for all of the kind words, I am so glad that you can relate to my madness 🙂 As of right now it looks like we did indeed get the house! We are still in final negotiations (closing date, etc) LET THE RENOVATIONS BEGIN! Because clearly, I’m not stressed out enough 😉 And I’m sure there will be a post about it… stay tuned!!

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