Rambling Red Threads: T-Shirt Shop! #supportsarcasm

So, the other day I was sitting around eating cookies and picking my nose (because I have so much extra free time) and it just hit me. I should make a T-shirt shop consisting of Tees for mamas with sarcastic one-liners.

So I did! I’ve created a T-SHIRT SHOP! Just another thing to add to my already overflowing plate of motherhood madness! I decided that I wasn’t near as stressed as I should be. Two babies, a blog, a gas leak (long story, it’s fixed now), and a traveling husband wasn’t enough for me. No, sir. I needed more stress. Enter T-shirt shop!

But seriously, I’m pumped about these Mama-Tees!

My shop is called Rambling Red Threads (for extremely obvious reasons). I held a little contest on my Life as Rambling Redhead Facebook page to see who could help me name my shop. I must say, some of my followers are crazy creative. I stewed on these names for days trying to decide.

Side Note: If you’re not following my Facebook page already, I need to ask you why. Why? Why are you not following my page? You are missing out on some amazing content, like this video below:

How To Make an Adult PB&J Sandwich.

Back to these tees that will change your life.

I am launching them now, before the holidays, in hopes that you will buy them as gifts! Do you want to see your sister in law cry tears of joy due to the fact that you gave her the most beautiful gift she’s ever laid her eyes on?

Then buy her this:


Come on. You know you want to be the person who gifts this shirt in front of all of your family members. Please film their reactions for me.

Are you a man seeking a good stocking stuffer gift? Buy her this and you’ll be a winner for sure (the young kids say “Fo’ Sho”).


Wrap this around her favorite bottle of wine for ultimate amazingness.

Maybe the person you’re buying a gift for doesn’t drink alcohol and also does not engage in any drug activity. Then they definitely need this shirt added to their wardrobe:


Say no to drugs and yes to coffee of any kind.

Except hotel coffee. Hotel coffee sucks.

Maybe you don’t need a gift for another person, but just want a Mama Tee for yourself. You’ve earned the right to splurge on a well-priced T-shirt! (They are priced well, actually 4 dollars cheaper than our sarcastic competitors, I researched because I’m super business savvy like that.)

Do you like spandex pants? Do you eat at Chick-fil-a?

Then it only makes sense for you to buy this shirt and wear it proudly at Chick-fil-a!


If you do buy and wear to Chick-fil-a, please oh please take a picture and send it to me. I would find this HILARIOUS.

Do you wear yoga pants? Or any style of pant made of spandex? I know you do. 

Then you need this shirt:



It matches all yoga pants fantastically. It’s a magical shirt. How can it match ALL yoga pants? We don’t know…

It just does.

And of course, I had to go out with a bang and quote myself on a shirt, because that’s what cool bloggers do:

drink up warrior

Odds are that this post (wine pairings) is the reason you are following me anyways, so why not buy this tee?

There are a couple other tees in my shop so please don’t hesitate to go check them out.

Shop Link: Rambling Red Threads

Also, please feel free to buy them! I won’t be upset with you if you buy a t-shirt.

Because you are a subscriber to my blog, please use this free shipping promo code:


This shop is very temporary. We will be switching over to an Amazon shop as soon as they invite me to come over. Apparently, they are in way over their head with orders so they are not able to take on new shops at this moment. I hope this changes soon!

Guys have an awesome Thanksgiving! Eat lots of food and try not to regret it afterward. I wish you great luck with preparing the large feast and fingers crossed that your children eat more than only dinner rolls. I understand that this is a real struggle amongst children these days.

Y’all are amazing and thank you so much for continuing to support me in my crazy blogging journey. You’ll never know how much your likes, shares and most importantly, our conversations mean to me!

– Until the next time this Redhead rambles.

This is a sponsored post, sponsored by myself. All opinions are my own because all of this is my product.

Shop Link: Rambling Red Threads

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