Dubstep: A Completely Acceptable Nightlife Activity For Parents.

Ever heard of Dubstep? It’s defined as “electronic dance music” that originated in London.

Everyone knows that anything and anyone from the UK is cool. The Beatles, David Beckham, David Beckham’s abs, Adele, large red double-decker buses, English accents, and Prince Harry – All cool things.

So apparently, this “dubstep” is popular amongst the young adults of the world, or at least here in the good ole’ U S of A.

One Wednesday night, my husband and I had nothing to watch. Wednesday TV sucks. Our DVR had nothing to offer us and we were pretty pissed devastated.

The Walking Dead was on a dumb break, we had finished Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Band of Brothers, and our newest binge, Bloodline.

We just sat there, looking at each other. Annoyed beyond all reason. We had both had an extremely long day and just wanted to unwind with the assistance of good television.

My husband broke the silence, “I like this new music called dubstep.”

“Dubstep, eh? Is that like techno?”

“Kinda, except there is a beat, and then the beats drops and it’s intense.”

I just stared at him blankly. Still irritated that nothing was on the television. I just wanted walking zombies on my TV.

“Play me some of this dubstep.” I demand.

I have to admit, I kind of like it as well, but I don’t know when I would listen to such music. Maybe working out? It’s not exactly a genre of music I would blare in the kitchen while scrubbing dirty dishes or in the children’s playroom while practicing the ABCs. Way too loud. Way too intense. I feel like it would stress out my smallest terrorist.

When the beat “drops”, she may cry.

It’s music that would be played too loud in a dark dance club where everyone is intoxicated. I feel like one would need to be at least slightly intoxicated to enjoy its intense pounding for longer than ten minutes.

But in that moment, my husband and I were bored. Ridiculously bored. And drinking wine, so there’s that too.

So there we sat in our dark media room, listening to dubstep entirely too loud. Our own little modern day disco, the parental version.

Somehow the child-sized trampoline got involved….it was nuts.

(I instantly regretted the decision to jump on the trampoline due to the fact that I have had two children. Sadly, my bladder just doesn’t hold as well as it used to if you catch what I’m throwin’ down here. I’m a young lady in her late twenties with a broken bladder.)

Twenty minutes later, we went to bed.

Because the nightlife of a parent is that crazy.

What weird things have you done out of complete boredom?

You should try dubstepping.

-Until the next time the Redhead rambles.

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  1. Be grateful….sometimes your mom and i pee a bit while watching TV, and we really don’t care. It only gets better!!!

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