Who Is This Redhead And Is She An Alcoholic? The Answer May Surprise You.

Nope. She is not an alcoholic.

I know some of you will be disappointed when I say this, but she does not “turn to the bottle” when her baby beasts misbehave and she does, in fact, discipline her children.

Shocking. I know.

I learned a couple things from my child behavior and wine pairing piece going viral:

  1. There are people who really DON’T speak sarcasm. It’s a lost art with some. Or maybe it was never there to begin with.
  2. A lot of people DO speak sarcasm. Like you and I, and I find this extremely refreshing.

Who is this Redhead?

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I’m Jenn! I’m fairly loud and I’m blunt (only when necessary, which is basically all the time). Sometimes I may even come off harsh or crude; I am very aware of this. However, I never mean to offend.

I’m a stay at home mom to two beautiful blue-eyed, super blonde babies. They both are extremely loud and have an insane amount of personality running through their veins. Thank God for this, they supply me with endless blog material and constant laughter. I am also a stay at home wife to an awesome, stud of a man with dark brown hair. Thank goodness he’s a trooper and participates in things with me, like YouTube videos, even though it may jeopardize his corporate career.

A little bit about my writing style: I have a Master’s Degree in Sarcasm. I am a fan of dry humor and satire. Making fun of myself brings me joy. Being a parent is SO stressful, I have to be able to make fun of the crazy situations my kids put me in so I don’t end up checking myself into a psychiatric hospital.

I like to write about motherhood in a slightly different way, attempting to bring humor out of all situations. It’s my own weird therapy, and it relaxes me after a long day. My articles tend to not be sugarcoated in all things sweet. I am just doing what I know how to do…. keepin’ it real. When I write, it’s passed 9 pm, so cut me some slack. I am surprised I can even form sentences at the end of my day, I’ve got kids stealing my brain cells, and a husband who demands to be fed and entertained. Reading funny articles that make me laugh go such a long way for me, so I only can hope that my blog can do that for someone else. Of course, I will throw a few serious articles in the mix, gotta keep you on your toes.

I am a Christian woman who likes to become PG-13 after 8:30 pm. If what I like to call “minor-league curse words” offend you, then I may offend you. The words tend to make a quick appearance from time to time, just to remind myself that I do have an adult vocabulary that does go beyond the words poo-poo, pee-pee, boo-boo, foodies, and no-no.

I also love the word freakin’. I think it’s freakin’ funny.

I loathe bras and only wear one to feel more like a woman.

I like to avoid running at all costs.

I gave birth to a child without pain medication… on accident. I don’t recommend it, but now I have bragging rights for all eternity.

I call my children “Terrorists”. However, I do love them unconditionally.

I love wine. It makes me smart and sophisticated. Because people who drink wine are fancy. Duh. If you too love wine, read THIS .

Poop. If talk of poop offends you, prepare to be offended. I am a mom to two kids under the age of three. Poop happens. I am also married to a man who often enjoys giving me the low-down on his morning bowel movements. I don’t want to know the details, but for some reason, he likes to share on occasion. Poop is all around me, so naturally, it finds its way into my blog posts.

I made this blog for myself and as a way to reach out to other moms (parents) worldwide. I started only a few months ago, so if you are new here and wanting some new material to read, I don’t have too many posts. Grab some wine and dive on into the Archives of Rambles and catch up!

I also have a YouTube Channel. Go check out my comedy videos!

My passions are my faith, being a mother (the best mother I can be), my family and home decorating. Ask me what my passions were in 2010 and fashion would have definitely been on top of the list.  I think that fell off the “passion list” back in 2013 after I birthed my first child, put on my first pair of spandex pants and have refused to take them off ever since. I actually have a Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising, which is hysterical (because I only wear spandex, as previously stated). I hope to look good again someday, but until then I prefer to look like a drugged out homeless broad in workout attire, dress my kids super cute, and attempt to keep my house looking fab. If I’ve got on a bra and mascara, then I’m clearly trying to impress you, or it’s just a great day!

I think that does it.

Who am I? I’m just a Rambling Redhead.

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Thanks for being here! Please feel free to reach out to me anytime, I love getting to know the people who share my same weird sense of humor! If you think a friend would want to be my internet-sarcastic-sister as well, please share me!

I won’t be offended if you tell people that you enjoy my rambles.

– promise.

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I'm Jenn... A blunt, redheaded mommy who likes to look at motherhood in a slightly different way. This blog consists of stories of how I survive my job as a SAHM, a job that I love. I tend to like sarcasm served hot with a fresh side of dry humor. Because who really likes to take life so seriously?

15 Comments on Who Is This Redhead And Is She An Alcoholic? The Answer May Surprise You.

  1. Why,oh why do they need to tell us the details of what happens when they go to the loo? I would understand if they were still kids, but grown men? I have the same at home!
    I love your blog, keep going!

  2. I absolutely LOVED this update on you (says the mom who currently IS drinking wine). Your humour and the ”you” that you inject into your blog are what will keep people coming back … even the haters. You’re the real deal; people love that. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Your comment has made my day and is why I continue to write! I love hearing that other moms can relate to my odd sense of humor haha Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff!

  3. I feel like you’re my soul mate. I’m jealous of your thick skin, that can be tough but keep on keeping on because you’re hilarious and you give bloggers starting out, like me, some hope 🙂

    • Thanks so much Monica!! I have a 7-month-old, so when times are tough, think of me. I’ll most likely be going through the same things haha Except add a two year old into the equation…. then that’s me 🙂

    • Thanks Pollyunsaturated hahaha (I love that name!) You’re awesome… and I don’t think I could change a freakin’ thing even if I wanted to 🙂

  4. You definitely have your Aunt Nancy’s genes and love for life with humor and you got your grandfather’s genes for you hair which is beautiful. Being a mommy is God’s great gift and being a grandmother is even better with all the love and pleasure without the pain and perplexing daily problems. Nice getting to know you through your blog. God bless.

  5. I too, am a redhead, (and am often accused of rambling….) a bit snarkastic (snarky and sarcastic) a part-time employee, full-time wife to one, full-time mom of three kids – teen, tween, older elementary, and extremely sporadic blogger (see above description as to why that is ;)) I am really enjoying your blog! Though I am out of the “littles” years, I have lots of memories of those days. Most of them I can even recall without rocking back and forth in the corner with a glass of wine while whispering to myself…”Daddy’s almost home, Daddy’s almost home….” We are currently in the thick of parenting (it gets different, but not easier, sorry! But forewarned is forearmed) while we continue to attempt to launch our offspring to adulthood – some days are more fun than others. Anyway, just wanted to say hello, thanks for the laughs!

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