Hello Everybody! First “Vlog” in The Books.

Hello, friend!

Thought I’d mix things up a bit and throw a video in your face.

It’s my first video…. and it’s extremely obvious.

But please say nice things, because my husband is very pleased with his editing work.

I Just wanted to say THANK YOU in person today! I gained followers from all over the world this week, was published in 4 different countries and on two news stations, all because you amazing people shared my post off my Facebook page!

Thank you for being obsessed with wine.

(This video is a tad longer than planned, but when you mess-up way to much…. there must be outtakes. Duh.)

I’m so glad you found me and would love to know you or hear how your children are trying to physically hurt you. Drop a line, anytime.

Please Note: My site will be down temporarily for 2-4 hours Monday, Sept. 14th due to technical crap that I don’t understand. All I know is that it needs to be done.


My first video short (don’t worry, it is being professionally produced. No “in my kitchen” nonsense…..) Can’t wait to partner up with Silver Bear Films on this next project.

Stay tuned. And subscribe to my Life as a Rambling Redhead YouTube Channel!

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15 Comments on Hello Everybody! First “Vlog” in The Books.

  1. Found your blog while searching through mommy blogs after our big move from us to Sweden to Russia (I’m dominating your countries list) ???? love it! And makes me feel like I have a friend here to relate to (even if it is just over the Internet) thanks for making me laugh and feel like I’m not the only mommy out there who feels like they’re going crazy at times. (More times than none) ????

    • Laura! I am so glad that you found me! The main reason I started this blog was to reach out to other women who view motherhood the same way as myself. My kids are my world! But sometimes this world is nuts because of them haha I’ve had quite a few new followers from Sweden and Russia! If you shared a post, you may be the reason they found me! Thanks so much 🙂
      P.S: If you’re bored or lonely you are always welcome to email me an awesome picture. I’ve never been to Russia. Do they have many redheads in Russia???!…… hahaha

      • That was probably me.
        Bahaha. I am pretty sure 99.9% of the redheads here are beyond fake. It’s more like a blistering orange. We always have some interesting pics..

        No clue what all the question marks on my first comment were. weird!

      • blistering orange hahaha mine is kind of orange, but I assure you that it is God-given, not fake! So glad you found me even across seas!

    • Thanks so much! We actually used whatever stock program came on our computer haha nothing high-tech about it!! And I must give all editing credit to the husband, I lack patience 🙂

  2. Hi, Jenn! I clicked over from Modern Mrs. Darcy to read your hilarious wine paring post! This will make drinking so much less confusing for me now, so thank you. But seriously, my husband got a giant bottle of “Kinky Blue Vodka” last week. It sits in the very front of our fridge because it won’t fit anywhere else, which makes us look trashy, which is great. It tastes like a Blue Raspberry BlowPop. I take a sip (or two) once a day to check it to make sure it hasn’t gone bad. I have three kids. If/when you have three kids, you might undertake vodka “quality control”, too. Congrats on your blog!

    • Thanks so much Sarah! Glad you enjoyed! Hopefully there will be other posts that you can relate to also 🙂 Vodka patrol…. HILARIOUS! I have two kids and we want a third (we think) but man, 3 sounds so hard haha

      • Oh go on for the third! It is crazytown, and my head’s still spinning from it all, but I already want a fourth! And our older kids are over the moon with their baby sister. If nothing else, it’ll be more blogging material! 😉

      • Oh geez! I hope I would have time to blog with 3 kids!! (I would, I’m too obsessed with it now, it’s like my therapy…) but I would be doing it even later into the night… so I will be one tired mama!! haha It definitely would make for a good “pregnancy post” though…. hmmmmm ….. lol

  3. Oh, and pain caused by small children, yes. My sweet baby girl is 5 months old now. I have to be careful to wear long sleeves when I am nursing her because she will scratch her teeny tiny razor baby nails on the back of my upper arm, over and over and over. As my 6-year-old girl would say, “It makes me sad cry.” (not to be confused with happy cry) 🙂

    • My daughter claws at me when she eats as well! Hurts so bad! I’m about to start nursing in a turtleneck. “Makes me sad cry…” bahahahaha

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