And The Winner Is………!

Hey Guys! Hope your Monday was amazing!

Sorry for the low quality of this video…… We did the drawing right after dinner time, so the lighting is not so great.




Which makes perfect sense, considering the brand is Shea Baby. Crazy coincidence.

Thank you SO MUCH to all who entered! I will be doing a giveaway every month with different ways to enter, just because I think they are really fun. My goal is to start getting some amazing gifts…. strollers, carriers etc. but I need a good following in order to get these things! I’m going to get there eventually…. aiming extremely high!

Thanks for following and sharing my blog with others while laughing at my expense. As you already know, I love and welcome any feedback, messages, shares, comments and insanely clever hashtags (Except if you tell me I suck. Just please don’t…… I’m too tired to deal with being insulted).

All you Mamas rock.

– Until the next time this redhead rambles.

….which will be on Wednesday.

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