GIVEAWAY TIME! Featuring: Shea Moisture Baby

Mama’s doing a GIVEAWAY today! #hollahollaaaaa

I’ve had so much positive support the past two weeks regarding my first two published pieces on Scary Mommy and Bluntmoms! (Links here if you missed it…. slacker. (Scary MommyBluntMoms) Thanks so much for everyone’s nice words and shares! Due to all of my overwhelming happiness and joy (raging breastfeeding hormones tend to make me a tad emotional), I wanted to give everyone presents to show my appreciation!

Unfortunately, I am not that wealthy. #whompwhooooomp

So at the end of this post I will let you know how you can be entered into a drawing for THREE free products! I am so excited, I just peed a little…. Happens frequently, and I am not just being funny.

So today I thought I’d throw a zinger at you readers. Something new and fresh. Instead of giving you a gross story about how my toddler dug poop out of his diaper and shoved it so far up his nose that he made his nose bleed (#truth) or writing a piece that may offend you, I thought I would do a product review on my absolute F A V O R I T E baby line, Shea Moisture Baby! How refreshing! How non-controversial! (booooo….)

(Please note- I am in no way getting paid for this review. Or free product. That would be lovely though. I wouldn’t hate it.)

 #sheamoisturebaby #ionlylovesheamoisture #everythingelseisgrossandnasty #givemesheamoistureorgivemedeath

Hopefully, those hashtags will catch the company’s attention and show my unconditional love and dedication. Maybe I’ll get a free tube of healing ointment out of this….. or they’ll ask me to never write about their products again… I’m willing to take that risk.

Introducing Shea Moisture Baby!

Raw Shea Baby Olive & MarulaFragrance-Free, Gluten-Free Baby

Let me start by rambling about myself for a second. Perks of it being my own blog, I can talk about myself all day long if I wish. But I won’t bore you too much.

Since I am a tad crunchy, crispy, granola, burnt to a crisp, whatever you want to call me, naturally I want only organic products touching my sweet babes.

(Except cloth diapers. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…. I just can’t. Major kudos to the mamas who cloth diaper! I agree with it, I support it, and honestly, I bet they are the “best” option from a health standpoint….. but this Mama’s got too much going on to scrape poo off a diaper nor do I have the stomach for it. I mean, when I get a little fecal matter under a fingernail while changing one of my kid’s disposable diapers, I contemplate removing the finger from my body using pliers.)

I have done two years of scattered “research” about which products I want to use on my precious offspring. When my first child was born, I was using Burt’s Bee’s products, which overall I loved (I just hated the smell), but I continued to use it.

I first stumbled upon Shea Moisture in the baby section at Target. (I have also found it at Whole Foods.) My 2 month old had a pretty large dry patch on his skin, which turned out to be a little case of eczema brewin’ on the thigh.

So when searching the baby aisle for a more natural product, I came across this bright yellow tub….

Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Baby Eczema Therapy 6oz (Pack of 3)

 It says, “Eczema Therapy” right on the tub! Perfect! Along with the words “Argan oil and extracts of frankincense and myrrh”, which are all great natural components. So I bought it. And loved it! My son’s eczema was gone in 24 hours and we have never seen it since. (Note- I am not saying everyone will get these results, I’m just telling my own personal story here people. I’m just a little Mommy Blogger.)  I personally love the consistency of this body butter. Just a heads up – it’s very thick and can seem a bit oily when applying, but stays on your skin for a long time. It is the perfect addition to your little one’s bedtime regimen!

After the eczema disappeared, I was game for trying all of their products. We use the eczema therapy paired with the Argan oil rub in the winter for ultimate dry skin protection, I have the lotion, the healing ointment and the baby shampoo/wash. The healing ointment is like coconut oil, but has so many more oils added to it, making it a boo-boo, chapped face, diaper rash MUST.

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Chamomile Argan Oil Baby Head-to-Toe Ointment, 4 oz.

Healing Ointment…..What a beauty!

Note about the shampoo – A few of my friends had said that they were afraid to try it because it’s not Tear-Free. Just so ya know, tear-free products have a chemical in them to actually dilute the soap so it will not sting your little one’s eyes. Most contain a numbing agent….. not what I wanted in my baby shampoo! I have used this shampoo on both of my kids and we’ve never had a “stinging the eyes cry-fest”.

Take a look at all these amazing ingredients pictured below on the Eczema Therapy label.


Another reason I love this brand is because their ingredient labels are so easy to read! They put layman’s term in parenthesis next to the scientific name. I don’t know what Persea Gratissima is, but I am familiar with avocados….. which is what that crazy word means. Thanks Shea Baby, for helping people who aren’t scientists understand what the heck is in this magical concoction. Look at all those oils….. I’m in love. The words Non-GMO makes my heart swoon.

I have compared this brand against many top tier companies, all of which you’ve heard of. I have gone through many brands, researched every single scientific ingredient that I didn’t recognize, and compared them apples to apples. I 100% love Shea Moisture. I won’t be going to go into detail what I didn’t like about the other products….a couple of them were great products, I just liked what Shea Moisture had to offer me the most! Do your own investigating for the dirty deets, or just trust this organic-lovin’-mama. (Feel free to comment or private message me if you have any specific questions.)

 These products are even Berkley-Approved, and she is one smart cookie. She likes them so much that she often tries to eat them. (Absolutely not recommended.) Anytime she hears the words “Shea Moisture” she starts smiling and laughing uncontrollably, as pictured).
She knows what’s up.
So go! GO! Go buy these tubs and bottles of this baby bliss. You won’t be sorry…. just addicted.

Shea Moisture can be found at Target, Whole Foods, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Walmart, Duane Reade, Meijers, Rite Aid, Sally Beauty Supply, Ulta…. and a few others online.

Time to explain this GIVEAWAY!
FullSizeRender (15)
It’s quite simple really. If you want your name to go into the drawing for the FREE Calm & Comfort Kit pictured below (includes shampoo, lotion, healing ointment & burlap bag)
You must do BOTH  of these things: 
1. “Like” the Life as a Rambling Redhead FACEBOOK Page 
2. Share my Life as a Rambling Redhead page via Facebook! Like this lovely lady did….
…..and I didn’t even ask her to. This is why she is awesome.
Both of these things can be done from the Life as a Rambling Redhead Facebook page icon at the very bottom of this blog page…..just keep scrolling, you’ll see it 🙂
Please post “I SHARED!” in the comments section on my Facebook page after you share, so I don’t miss anyone! (If you can think of a more clever comment, or an awesome hashtag letting me know you shared, that would be even better.) This entire process should take you around 7 seconds to complete. Sorry to ask so much of you people…….
I will draw the name of the lucky winner this Monday evening, August 17th, and post it to my blog at 9 pm!
May the absolute best mother (or father) win.
-Until the next time this Redhead rambles.
Come find me on my Life as a Rambling Redhead Facebook page! See ya there……
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